Sunday, 5 May 2013

Adding and Subtracting with 10's

Today we were adding and subtracting in 10's by thinking about how many 10's there were. eg 40 + 20 is the same as 4 tens and 2 tens that makes 6 tens = 60.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Parent Meeting Presentation

What is Number Power

Number Power Overview

What is the Number Power group? Russell Street School is committed to providing additional programs for small groups of students who need support in addition to effective classroom teaching to meet National Standards. The Number Power program is for students with mathematical learning needs where a short term boost/acceleration of learning would get them to the expected level of achievement.

What is in it for each child? Extra time with an experienced maths teachers focused on their maths needs. Time to talk and reflect where the pace of learning is slowed to ensure they understand concepts. Working with a small group of similarly able children where they will have to contribute and participate.

How will the program run? This program is designed to work alongside the regular classroom program where your child will participate with their group of peers at a similar level to them in mathematics lessons with their teacher and follow up activities with another experienced math’s teacher (James Rea). This project will be running for a period of 8 - 10 weeks during term 2.

How can I support at home? Logging onto the blog to keep up to date and leaving comments. Being familiar with the language and strategies being used and supporting the learning at home. (Ask James or your child’s teacher for explanation if needed) Ask your child to explain what they are learning. Be positive and promote a can do attitude, expect your child get the concepts. No excuses eg “your father wasn’t any good at maths either”. Look for fun ways to practice maths at home. See the National Standards parent flier.